2021: Jacob Collier then and now

SUNDAY, January 24, 2021 – 5:11 PM

2021: Jacob Collier then and now

The Sun Is In Your Eyes (Voice Memo)

This just came out at the beginning of this year. It’s just a simple recording on an iPhone.

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing

I’m not sure what the first thing he presented to the world was, but this is quite early. He was either 19 or still 18 when this was done, depending on what month it was recorded.


4 thoughts on “2021: Jacob Collier then and now

  1. he surprised me, with that one from January on just the guitar. While his early work shows brilliant technical mastery, this phone one is the first time I heard “him” being him. And I like it.

  2. Two things I’m glad about. The existence of Jacob Collier; the music of his for us to enjoy, and the learning he generously avails to us. The fact that in these new times people like Collier do not remain invisible, unattainable, and unknown because they only way to get known was if those in charge of marketing figured you were worth marketing.
    Thank you for sharing this. Lovely.

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