Major chords

SUNDAY, October 11, 2020 – 8:23 AM

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Major chords by color

These are the most important chords in music. They are everywhere. They are marked with letter names. I use X to show them. X stands for the name or root of any major chord, which is indicated with either a letter name (like C or Eb) or a Roman numeral (like I, IV or V).

Major chords by different roots

Here are the 12 major chords using different scales or systems to to form their roots. In other words, we can use either any kind of scale or the individual notes of any chord to form roots for major scales chained together. For instance, this is a whole tone scale: C D E F# Ab Bb C. By forming a chain of major scales that use those names for the bottom notes or roots, we form really interesting patterns.

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