Diatonic 7 chords

SUNDAY, October 13, 2019

Diatonic seven chords…

I am only showing these in the 7 white keys. A white key is a set of 8 notes, including the octave, that is a major scale, and the first note in the key has to also be a white key.

Two different meanings of “key”…

A key can be 8 notes in a scale, such as the key of C, which has C D E F G A B C.

A key can also be one of the white things we press. There are 88 of them on a standard piano or keyboard.

Here I am talking about the set of 8 notes that makes up a key.

All students should read through these chords in the 7 white keys. But ASAP that same student should play these chords by memory, be able to hear them, and then transpose them to 5 more black keys, named as such because black keys start with a black note.


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