Second Theme Section

SATURDAY, May 2, 2020

Start of 2nd theme section. Swirly wind parts, first woodwinds, then strings. Ab chord very strong. Play it on piano at beginning, hear how it stays mostly in that key. To 5:40

Suddenly it moves to G major. It does not totally stay there, but it’s a feel, pushing G7, no doubt spelled G B D E#, because he will expand to F# B D# F#. Strings now sound like they have moved to the top. They are the highest things you here, film music sound, lush, hero music. Robin Hood, Don Juan, romantic. To 5:45

Move to B major chord. He had to go there. Nowhere else to go. But he is now going to edge towards A7b5. You don’t have to hear it, just understand the logic, because he wants to expand to Ab. Big Chords. To 5:55

Festive sound, woodwinds with piccol on top. Chirping, like a victory celebration. to 6:00

6 note groups of ascending notes, higher and higher. To 6:13

Now double time scales coming down, but as  they come down and down the top continues going up and up, two parts very contrapuntal. To 6:20

Huge brass chords, whop whop whop whop whop whop, then strings tremolo, big build up. To 6:25

Finally the folk theme from intro. This is what makes this so damned complicated. You can consider this a coda to this section, or just an ending, and he binds it altogether with the folk theme. To 7:00

This will be the start of the development

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