2nd symphony development

SUNDAY, May 3, 2020

This whole development is around 3:30, meaning about the same length as the intro. That means roughly 3.5 minutes intro, same for expo, same for develop. Each section is about as long as a pop song.

This is precisely where the expo glides into the development. 2nd section was in Ab, so he uses Ab7, also G#7, to go to C# minor. That’s not important. The important thing is that the piece is in C minor, so that move is instant evidence of a lot of modulation. He won’t stay there, because he will move to A7. It’s the main theme, the folk song theme. What is highly unusual is that it was in the intro, and we barely heard it again until the very end of the expo. Now we hear it again. To 7:12


Same thing, folk song in the higher key. To 7:23


Same theme, but a fragment, clarinet, flute, clarinet, flute, then horn as at the beginning of the whole piece. Each one climbs higher. To 7:40


Now the really fast exchange between woodwind and strings, just one time, then right back to the climbing clarinet, flute and horn folk song. 8:02

Super fast winds again, flutes and strings echo 8:08

This is the 6 note climbing theme, followed by folk song which keeps climbing in fragments, almost overlapping 8:29

I THINK we hear this theme for theme for the first time, which is kind of derived from the folk theme. D——Eb D Eb—- G Bb G A, and we will hear lot later.  Call it folk theme var. 8:37

Fast winds again with something modulating tacked on to get us to 8:44

Folk them var again, this time starting on C#, same thing down 1/2 step, but it does not sound lower because he modulated all of the place. 8:52

Winds again with pizzicato strings, same fast thing. 9:00

This is part of the folk song theme, in the middle, just a fragment, then string tremolo ascending tracing a G chord.9:26

He is now back home, using G to get right back to Cm. What follows is recap, but it’s very different because he is now using the folk theme as his primary theme. To understand this you have to combine the intro with the expo and understand that he really thought of both, together, as his expo. You can understand why people did not understand what he was doing, or why they THOUGHT he did not understand form.

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