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FRIDAY, April 10, 2020

Han Solo Theme…

Here is a puzzler. There was never a theme for Han Solo. There is the iconic theme for Han and Leia, but that was only for their relationship. There are other characters that never got their own themes, because there is none for R2D2 or C-3PO. There is no theme for Chewbacca.

But no theme for Han? How did that happen? It turns out that John Williams finally wrote a theme for him, but it’s not part of the three trilogies that make up the main story. He wrote it in 2018 for Solo, the movie, and here is that theme. Note, however, the fanfare near the beginning that has the same sound as the Rebel Fanfare.

4 – The Rebel Fanfare…

(Warning: don’t listen to all of this unless you want your brains scrambled! Just listen to a minute or so.)

Rebel Fanfare is a musical motif that represents the Rebel Alliance. It is used extensively in Episode IV and frequently in all other episodes. The theme is played by the brass section. It appears in the closing credits of every movie.

I don’t know of any track from all the sound tracks that isolates this theme because it is included in the Main Theme, which is actually two different themes.

The music below is not officially from any of the Star Wars soundtracks. It has been stuck together from many places, and it really pounds – and pounds – and pounds all the ways this theme occurs and is varied. There around 7 and a half minutes of this, and you won’t need to listen to more than a bit of it to know what the Rebel Theme is!



3 thoughts on “Han Solo

  1. As iconic as the rebel fan fare is, I feel its a bit too much power for the rebellion in the video you linked. The drums remind me a lot of the imperial march and it makes them sound more dominant.

  2. The Rebel Fanfare made me see those old black and white movies with brave knightly figures, where everyone was brave and noble – it seemed to have similar music. Where the violins begin, I’m sort of hearing brass before brass comes in.

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