7 thoughts on “The Typewriter

  1. This song reminds me of the music from tarzan where the gorillas use human objects to make music. One of the main objects used is a typewriter and this song reminds me of of that. It’s very nostalgic and the typewriter part also must be nostalgicto people who used them. This song is very fun and exotic.

  2. This is so creative. I’ve seen quite a few pieces use “non-instruments” like chairs and balloons but I certainly wouldn’t have considered a typewriter. It sounds kind of like tap shoes.

  3. One wonders how Anderson ever thought up the idea. Or the sound of typing as it was then inspired it. I found a video of speed typing on an old typewriter, and the rhythm is sort of the same. But what I was looking for was one with a BELL. In the “concerto for a typewriter” there is a bell for the person to ring. But the old typewriters had a built-in bell. When you came close to the end of the line, the bell would ring, as a warning. We can hear the bell in this video.

  4. I like Leeroy Anderson. Sleigh Ride is one of my favorites, especially when it gets mangled by New Orleans jazz people. =o)

    Here’s one for a more humorous take.. great sound, and the typist is quite the comedian, but much more subtle than OHHH LAAAADEEEEE Jerry Lewis. The comedy’s in spanish, but it should be fairly obvious from the body language.


    And for the master of masters….

  5. Hearing a non-instrument play along is odd. It fits, and is sort of a harmony to the main melody. It’s strange how it fits so well with the others. The humor implied in the second video, and how the typewriter is kind of the main star contrasts with the more harmonic role it has in the first video.

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