Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6

FRIDAY, March 27, 2020

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6


Movement I: B minor

(I have set this to 1 second, but the lead is so small that you will have to set it to the very beginning to hear the first note without a clip. Each movement is set to start in the right place. When the music stops briefly, that movement is over.)

Movement II: D major

Movement III: G major

Movement IV: B minor


3 thoughts on “Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6

  1. The first movement caught me off guard because it almost felt like different pieces or different movements. Had I not known where mov’t 2 starts, maybe I would have made a mistake. I liked it immensely, esp. the first, and also the jaunty 3rd.

    Is there a reason why the 4th sounds so familiar? Like, has it been borrowed in movies, or such?

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