Star Wars Love Themes

SATURDAY, February 1, 2020

Love in Star Wars, popular for 41 years…

First, let’s remember how long these movies and their music have been popular. The first film came out in 1977. The last one was released at the end of 2019.

It starts here, all about Leia…

This is the iconic theme from the very first film. It is 4th in the story, but it’s the first film to be released, it’s here that Luke, Leia, Obi Wan, Han Solo and Darth Vader appear, and these characters are central to the whole story. Darth Vader later turns out to be Luke’s father and has his own story to tell in movies 4-6, which are numbered I-III. Very confusing if you don’t love these movies. But let’s skip all that. Is Leia’s Theme a “love theme”? In a way no, but it’s slow, very romantic. And since Leia is also Luke’s sister as well as later the wife of Han, this is one of the three or four most important Leitmotivs.

John Williams hit a home run with this track, writing about four and a half minutes of a sound poem that rivals those from the great 19th century composers. You can hear all those who went before, and it’s obvious how he was influenced by so many great ones from the past.

Luke and leia…

This theme does not show up until the 3rd movie, Return of the Jedi, the last of the original trilogy. Again, “love theme” may be the wrong word, since they are siblings, but until we know this it does appear that there might be romance.

Han and Leia Theme…

This appears in the 2nd film, The Empire Strikes Back. You can see how important Leia’s character is to the story, and how much time Williams spent with it.

Now Anakin and Padme…

This happens in the 5th movie, known as Episode II. Anakin is young Darth Vader, Luke’s father, and this shows how and why he changed from a young, idealistic Jedi into an angry, vengeful Sith Lord. The music is Romantic and lyrical, but there is also all sorts of darkness, foreshadowing all the pain coming shortly in the future.


9 thoughts on “Star Wars Love Themes

  1. The parts of the song for Anakin and Padme before the rest of the orchestra starts and you hear the harp remind me of the city of tears music from a game called hollow knight.

  2. this song reminds me of very soothing and calming music while also feeling very powerful yet elegant. I can most definitely see why the music producers of star wars chose to incorporate this piece into one of their movies.
    It just has the feels.

  3. I remember this soothing piece from when I would watch star wars with my parents, even though it was from 41 years ago (I think) it still sounds great and it’s funny how it can go from soothing to battle music in a blink of a second in the movies

    1. The important thing is that Star Wars and the characters are sometimes still in more modern “episodes”. For instance, both Leia and other characters showed up again recently. In these films often you will hear the same themes because each theme is linked to a character.

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