7 – Rey’s Theme

THURSDAY, February 20, 2020

Rey’s Theme – VII

Rey is a new character in Episode VII, so she is given a new Leitmotiv. Generally each new theme appears on a soundtrack somewhere with its own arrangement. This was new for me, because I did not know the movies for VII- IX.

It is A minor and is in natural minor (Aeolian), one of our seven modes. But Williams seldom stays with one mode, which would be 100% diatonic. He generally changes something, and soon there is a D major chord. That means he has switched to Dorian, which would be: A B C D E F# G A. But is is a mixture, because only seconds later he use an F chord, so back to some kind of minor, still in A minor. He then modulates up 1/2 step to Bb minor, then D minor, then Eb minor, then back down to D minor this time he throws in an A major chord, so he is now using D E F G A Bb B C and C#. That is our modern hybrid minor that is part natural minor, and part harmonic minor. Harmonic minor uses 6 and maj7 along with b6 and b7.

He can’t resist going up one more time to Eb minor.  So he uses aa modal melody, but the combination of two modes, with some very tricky chromaticism, and he ends up a tritone over where he starts, finally moving from A minor to Eb minor.


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