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SUNDAY, January 12, 2020

(This is from another post from around a year ago. At that time I was trying to write really long things, but since then I’ve enjoyed writing about whatever interests me at the moment. Since the last Star Wars movie recently came out, this may be a good time to talk about it.)

Star Wars, popular for 41 years…

The first Star Wars film was released on May 25, 1977. The rest is history. The last film was released at the end of 2019, so there is so far a span of 42 years for this saga, if the latest film is indeed the last one.

And here is the ending of the final film…

John Williams is a national treasure…

John Williams writes music in almost any style that sounds like it could be from any time. He has composed countless film scores, but he is most famous for Star Wars. Half the reason I went to see his movies in theaters was to hear what new magic he was creating in sound.

You can hear many of the most important themes. John Williams used the same idea that Wagner used in his Ring Cycle. The idea is to have themes for each of the important characters, called “Leitmotivs”, and these musical themes are played during important moments in the drama.

Williams’ scores for these films are as well known and popular as any ever composed. He will be 88 in Feb. 0f 2020. He is a craftsman as well as a creator, which is always the case for film composers, because he has to fit the music to the story and to time frames, but the music to famous films is also released as stand-alone albums and over time various important “tracks” become famous concert pieces.

5 thoughts on “Star Wars

  1. Be sure to include the end credit roll for Rogue One. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but the heir apparent manifested around 15-20 years ago: Michael Giacchino.

    No one else comes close to Williams, dead or alive. Some may argue that Horner or Goldsmith might, but I disagree — they have a something that too-readily identifies them. Williams and Giachinno don’t. They’re chameleons.

    I hope Williams doesn’t truly “retire.” There is music left in that pen.

    He’s left us with such a treasure… so many of them. Star Wars, Superman, Indy, Potter, Schindler, but it is this…. Star Wars truly is his Magnum Opus.

    Tell me y’all don’t well up a bit when you hear Leia’s theme. Or Yoda’s theme.

    I like what he did with the Imperial March here. HA! He sneaked in a bit of Potteresque flavor into this… nice!

    Hey don’t tell me Harry riding Buckbeak didn’t remind you of Yoda’s theme!

    They *all* steal from themselves ;o)

    He had the London Sinfonietta do this little ditty for the 3rd Harry Potter

  2. Thank you for this.
    ” On another day I might do a short post with all the Star Wars themes. They are really amazing, they way they are all put together.”

    Oh, please do! 🙂

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