4 – Darth Vader’s Theme

TUESDAY, January 14, 2020

Also the Imperial March…

Darth Vader March or Theme uses exactly three minor chords in the theme. The theme modulates to several keys. It starts out G minor, then moves to A minor, Bb minor, B minor, C minor, then back to G minor, but in each key the chords are the same: Im, bVIm and bVm

In the key of G minor they are: Gm, Ebm, C# or Db minor, depending on spelling.

So it’s a piece using all minor chords, very simple. Two of the chords, Gm and Ebm for example, are morphs of each other, where one note stays the same (common tone) while the other two slide in opposite directions.

John Williams used many of the orchestral effects of Richard Strauss. Before movies were invented, Strauss wrote the kind of music now used in film scores.

10 thoughts on “4 – Darth Vader’s Theme

  1. It was interesting to read about the orchestral effects of Strauss. I think I was watching something recently where part of these theme was used for whatever reason. People associate the character and mood, and then insert the music to say the same thing.

  2. The reason I love this piece so much is because like so many other great pieces the sound waxes and wanes while still grabbing my attention and never letting go.

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