Cotton’s Dream

SUNDAY, September 22, 2019

Popular for 48 years…

Here is a piece of music that is so well known that almost no one will hear it without saying: “I know that. But what is it’s name?”

And that’s when the fun starts, because even those who think they know the name, and the composer and what it was written for are usually wrong. 100% wrong.

First of all, it is generally attributed to Henry Mancini, the man who wrote the music to “The Pink Panther”. Then people either think it was written as the theme song to “The Young and the Restless”, first broadcast in 1973 and going strong in 2019 for those who love soap operas, or for Nadia Comăneci, the famous young gymnast who earned a “perfect 10”.

In fact, this famous theme was composed by Barry De Vorzon and Perry Botkin Jr. in 1971. It was called  “Cotton’s Dream” and was part of the sound track forr the 1971 theatrical film Bless the Beasts and Children. The instrumental version was commercially released on that film’s soundtrack album on A&M Records.

You can find all that out by visiting Wiki. What you won’t find it is that the version we always hear is written in C# minor, but it is likely you will never see it in that key. It is always written out in Dm or some other key that is easier to read. The sound is the same but a half step higher.

I would add this to a whole list of tunes that everyone knows without being able to remember the name, but in this case what we know the wrong key, the wrong composer, the wrong name and have no idea where it first appeared.

5 thoughts on “Cotton’s Dream

  1. For me this rings very weak bells. It sounds vaguely familiar, but at the same time not at all familiar. It’s calming, like stock music. It sounds like the generic “Calm Atmosphere” music. Overall, slightly reminiscent, but calming nonetheless.

  2. o.O This I heard a million times and didn’t know the provenance.. I like this, tho. It’s less “space age pop easy listening” than some versions I’ve heard.

    1. This for me is a perfect example of “wrong about everything”. I had the wrong title, the wrong key and the wrong composer. Apparently that’s about par for the course, Louie…

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