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  1. Europe spent 1/4th of the past century in war, and most of the one before it also in war. The wars of Napoleon set us up for WWI, which set us up for WWII.

    You know what’s truly heartbreaking? Picasso’s Guernica. Look at it. Closely. Get past the cartoony style… and find the lady holding her dead baby while screaming at the heavens. or the many soldiers with broken swords in them. It’s a brutal painting.

    Every artist deals with it different. The people who make up Pink Floyd mostly came from WWII England. The Wall has many, many references to growing up in the rubble that was London for a while after The War.

    This guy, Bozetto – he’s either a forgotten treasure or animation’s best kept secret. Look up his stuff in youtube, most of it is split-your-sides funny… some of it sad, but all of it will make you think.

    So tell me, dear viewers — was the kitty cat here also gone, along with the people in his memories?

    That’s what I got from it… before the wrecker came and do what wreckers do… erase the past.

    1. Michael, when animation or anything visual is added to music, it could change the way we perceive the music. The same thing can happen in reverse. If someone composes music to add to something we normally only see, that can change how we perceive the visual. Sometimes it takes a third genius to combine one thing that is pure sound and something else meant only for the eyes into a new thing that fuses those two elements into something new.

  2. I was just listening to the song, as it was sad by itself, then realized there was an animation of a cat’s destroyed home as he remembers what it was like before the war. Quite sad, if I say so myself. Still great, but definitely not a happy song.

    1. There is nothing happy about the animation, which is about war, and how war destroys everything. In this case I think the animation fits the music very well. There are moments where the music seems light, happy, upbeat. But it never lasts long, and both the beginning and end are deeply tragic.

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