G Minor Ballade

Download or play Ballade in G Minor, Chopin

A ballade as conceived of by Chopin was a very free form composition with no strictly defined structure, interweaving various themes, and Chopin was apparently the first famous composer to write pieces of this name that were, in general, highly dramatic and often heroic in nature. Robert Schumann was hugely impressed with this work, and both Liszt and Brahms also wrote ballades, obviously influenced by Chopin.

It is structurally complex and not strictly confined to any particular form, without doubt one of the most famous and frequently performed compositions of Chopin.

4 thoughts on “G Minor Ballade

  1. This piece is probably my favorite piece of all time. There’s a scene from the pianist where the main character (a jew) is confronted by a nazi during world war 2. He plays this piece fully expecting it to be his last. I couldn’t imagine a better piece for the job. The melancholy tone that expands into a more jovial one that then reverts back is interpreted by me as the duality of life as a uplifting experience and a downright depressing one. Imagine what Chopin could have done if he had not died so young. Really love this recording.

  2. I believe I recognize the recording – I definitely recognize the playing – and am as taken by it as I always am. A composition is a blend of what the composer puts into it, and the musician draws out of it. Moving.

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